I'm a designer, researcher and lecturer at the School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington.
My background involves psychology and digital product design and development, and I love working on user experience and interaction design challenges.
I'm fascinated by the ways we can improve people's lives through design, and my research interests include design for health and design education.

Development of Rehabilitation Games


Level Design
UX Research & Co-Design Workshops Facilitation
Graphic Design
Promotional material for the School of Design in collaboration with Ben Jack and Doug Easterly.
Brain-Computer Interface - Research & Development
Prototype 1: In this prototype, players can fly their spaceship with their attention.
This enables players to train their attention through the gameplay.
Prototype 2: Brain Computer Interface music production software.
Brain tune is a brainwaves music production software where users can play musical notes with their attention.
This prototype was developed to increase users awareness to their attention level and to motivate them to control and train their attention through music. The users can record tracks and loop them to create complex compositions. BrainTune was developed in collaboration with Connor Broad, Stephen Bennet and Sarah McKenzie.
En’Able GPS is an app made for people exploring the Able Tasman. Users can capture native birds, plants and special moments in the park, and share those with others in the same location. This project was developed in collaboration with Jarrod Bakker, Adrian Drax, Esta Chiang, Jordan Ansell and Sabrina Turner. My responsibilities included UX design and front-end development.
Mr. Trumbalan is an interactive story app where readers can create, interact with the characters, and engage with the story.
Smart Splints - Study Protocol
Identity Design

+ Lecturing at Victoria University of Wellington the courses Introduction to Interaction Design and Web Design Practice.

+ Co-organising the Wellington UX Meetup.

+ Barak, Y., & Fridman, D. (2017). Impact of Mediterranean Diet on Cancer: Focused Literature Review. Cancer Genomics-Proteomics, 14(6), 403-408.

+ 2017, Associate Investigator at MedTech Centre of Research Excellence.

+ 2017, co-founding and creating a GovTech product through the R9 Accelerator. Using human-centred and co-design methods we designed an online platform to improve the interactions between social service providers and government agencies, reduce the costs of compliance, and enable better social services.

+ 2016, at 8i I worked on the user experience and user interface of the Holo App for Android, iOS and the Web.

+ 2016, Best Demo/ Poster Award by Digital Health Conference for the paper: Designing a Game for Upper Limb Rehabilitation Following a Stroke.

+ 2016, MedTech Centre of Research Excellence Master scholarship.

+ Designing a Game for Upper Limb Rehabilitation Following a Stroke, Master's Thesis. 15 Dec 2016

+ In process: Chan, K., Rodriguez, E., Campbell-Hunt, K., Everitt, M., and Fridman, D. (2015). 3D Printing Sensor-enabled Splints and Exergaming. Submitted to DeSForM 2015: Aesthetics of interaction: dynamic, multisensory, wise.

+ 2015, MedTech Centre of Research Excellence summer scholarship.

+ 2015, I worked in New Zealand Police’s Web team as a Senior Online Publisher where I helped create and publish content for the Police intranet and public site. I also applied my graphic design skills to various internal and external promotional material.

+ 2015, Tutoring at Victoria University of Wellington.


E: danafridman@outlook.com